The Old School Lodge

Find Adventure in Every Corner, Peace in Every Room – Explore, Relax, Reflect.

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Each room at The Old School Lodge is a chapter from history reimagined into a serene sanctuary. Where once the echo of children’s laughter and the scurry of learning feet filled the space, now lies a tranquil retreat for weary travelers and adventure seekers.

Wifi & Internet

Wi-Fi ensures that whether it's for streaming, work, or staying connected with loved ones, internet access is always just a click away.

Free Parking On Premises

On-site parking, ensuring that guests have seamless access to their vehicles and a worry-free start to their adventures.

Washer and Dryer

Enjoy the convenience of an on-premises laundry facility, equipped with modern washers and dryers

Security Cameras

Enjoy piece of mind with discreetly placed security cameras providing a secure environment.


Our Sprawling backyard invites guests to unwind amist nature, featuring manicured lawns, rustic benches, and a fire pit.

Very enjoyable property! Would be fabulous for a group/family event! Furnished comfortably in the common area and beds were very comfortable!
Super comfy place with a ton of amenities, flexible hosts, and prices more comparable to a typical hotel than a typical Airbnb (No “surprise” fees!). Would definitely stay again!
My sister and I were absolutely delighted. The Old School Lodge was a wonderful place to rest after a full day's activities. We will definitely return!
So much charm in this former school house! We had room #9 and it was everything we needed! Skip the boring hotels and book here!!